Facing criminal charges is a very serious and potentially life-changing event.  It is essential that you receive knowledgeable representation to ensure that your rights are protected.  The attorneys at Faris and Faris have the skills and experience necessary to investigate the charges against you, craft the proper defense strategy, and preserve your rights.

We can help with felony and misdemeanor cases.  Our dedication to analyzing and researching the issues in each case has served our clients well in DUI, Domestic Violence, Theft, Drug (Possession, Trafficking, Manufacturing, Paraphernalia, and more), and many other types of criminal and traffic cases. 

If you are currently incarcerated, our attorneys will set up a time to visit with you so that we can prepare your case.  

We also practice criminal defense in Juvenile Court. 

Criminal charges can potentially impact your life in several ways.  The ramifications of a criminal conviction can affect your driver’s license, your employment, and your family.  Let us help prevent the damage that a criminal conviction can have on your life.   

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