Expunging/SEALING Record



Ohio expungement law was changed significantly when Ohio Senate Bill 337 was passed.  The change in law expanded eligibility for an expungement.  Previously, it was required that you were a "first offender" in order to be eligible.  Now, you must only be an "eligible offender", a broader term that covers more people with criminal convictions on their records.  Under Ohio Revised Code Section 2953.31, an "eligible offender means anyone who has been convicted of an offense in this state or any other jurisdiction and who has not more than one felony conviction, not more than two misdemeanor convictions, or not more than one felony conviction and one misdemeanor conviction in this state or any other jurisdiction."  This means that you can have more than one conviction on your record and still be eligible for an expungement.

Certain exclusions still apply under the law.  Convictions for several offenses are still not eligible for expungement, regardless of the number of convictions you have on your record.

If you were previously told that you were not eligible for an expungement, your situation may have changed.  Do not miss the opportunity to remove a conviction for your record.  Call Faris & Faris today to speak to experienced Clermont County attorneys who have helped many clients expunge an unwanted conviction from their criminal record.  


If you are charged with a crime and the charge is dismissed or you are found not guilty, you are still not quite finished.  Faris & Faris has represented many Clermont County citizens who did not realize that they could apply to the Court to seal their record of arrest because their prior attorney did not explain this process to them.  After the dismissal/not guilty finding, we will apply to the Court to seal the record of arrest and move for all record of the charge against you to be sealed.  Do not leave records of being charged and arrested on your record when you do not have to.  Contact Faris & Faris today to clean up your record.