Faris and Faris can assist you with all of your Juvenile Court needs, whether your case involves custody and visitation issues, child support, or even criminal charges for a minor.  Our attorneys practice in the Juvenile Court on a regular basis and understand the importance of quality representation when it comes to matters involving children.  

If you are unmarried and wish to file a complaint for custody, parenting time, child support, paternity, or you want to modify the current custody, parenting time or child support order, it is essential that you speak with an attorney in order to fully understand all the parental rights and responsibilities that you have.  

If your child is facing a criminal charge in the Juvenile Court, it is important to obtain representation from someone who understands the options available to keep your child's record clean so that his or her future education and employment opportunities will not be jeopardized.

Finally, our attorneys assist in abuse, neglect, and dependency matters instituted by the State of Ohio through the Children's Protective Services Agency.  Contact our office to speak with an attorney about your rights and what the State can and cannot do regarding your child.

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